Monday, December 19, 2005

I would gladly take snow...

...Over the freezing rain and sleet we have today and for the rest of the week!

Well, with the weather and what not I am housebound today. Yay me. I needed to get to the bank today so that our checks don't bounce. However, the bank will have to wait. This girl is not driving in freezing rain on top of packed snow. Nope. No thank you.

Instead, Liam and I are going to start baking some cookies here in just a minute or two. We are baking chocolate chip, thumbprint, and sugar cookies with icing. I can't find any of my cutters so the snowman one I just got will have to do. We decorated a gingerbread house yesterday. Liam was in heaven without all the other 4 kids here to get my attention. He is loving that we get to do all of this , alone, and together. I must admit to enjoying it too. My nerves have started to settle down. I am feeling a bit better now that the PMS bitch has left the building. Oh how I hate that woman!

Today has been a bit of a downer for me. I refuse to stop listening to Christmas music. I refuse to allow myself to be down and sad. Problem is...the music depresses me. I took a shower and was looking for a hair clip when I found it. I found the bottle of perfume that my mom wears. I put it on and started to cry. She has worn Opium body oil for years. I smell like her and it makes me miss her. I spoke with her earlier. She was on her way to the hospital. She is having a surgery today. They are doing a colonoscopy and the other one where they go down your esphogus. She has polyps for sure in her espohogus but may have them elsewhere. Once in there, they will cut them out and take them for cancer testing. I am worried to say the very least. I hope and pray that it is not cancer. We have been down this road before with her esphogus and breasts. All three times they were benign. After the heart scare and getting off with the pacemaker I worry that this time she won't be so lucky. Time will tell and until then, I will be praying for her.

Well, my sweet little man is here singing Santa Baby and dancing...wants to bake them cookies. I love you guys but who am I to disappoint my little Boo?

Catch ya later....

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