Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A blonde breakthrough....

Ok OK I finally figured out how to resize these damn pictures of mine LMAO.

Here is a pic of my morning.

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Stupid Ass Snow!

Remember me? Ya know, the one who just loooves snow? The one who just couldn't wait for it to snow? Ya, you know,me. I'm the idiot!

It snowed alright. 12 hours of non stop snow on Monday. 5-6 inches later, a dozen cars in the ditch later, and a very frazzled Stacy later was the end of the snow for that night. What the bloody hell was I thinking? I now hate the snow. I can't drive in that shit. I proved that yesterday coming home from work at 2 in the afternoon. Going along just fine at 25 mph and bam! Some ass clown stops and I was coming around that corner, which BTW was a sheet of ice, and couldn't stop. My ass end was coming around and I almost side swiped the car in front of me. A cop saw it all. I was not cited as it was not my fault. I didn't hurt anybody....just that pine tree and rock I landed on in the median when I decided to go 4x4n' instead of causing a pile up. Funny thing, and yes I thought it was hilarious, the cop that was there waiting with me while I waited for my husband to get me off the rock and pine trees, someone hit his car! LMAO. Fucking crazy I tell ya. The roads were slicker than snot.

I now hate snow.

I don't wanna drive, I'm scared!

I now have no air suspension in my rig and it's like driving a damn hoopty. I broke the suspension regulator, dented the skid plate, broke off part of the winch, and broke the bottom plastic bumper in two.

I suck.

First accident and I wasn't even at fault.

Thank God I am alive and the kids weren't there.

Do I have to drive in that shit tomorrow morning? Puhleeeeze tell me I don't have to!

::whining profusely here::

I hate the snow.

Hey JackFrost, Hey Frosty, bite my big white ass!

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

It is snowing and it is expected to keep on snowing all week. Here is a peek out my front window and my back slider.....

PS) Have I told you how much I love snow?

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pics of my holiday....

Me & my love DJ.

Here are some pics of our 3 hour ride to Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. The kids had so much fun on the way over there. You can't see Justin in this one because he is slumped over sound asleep. Liam had spent the wee morning hours throwing up so Sarah was babying him. LOL She is such a mother hen! As you can clearly see, there was no snow on the ground yet. That was about to change in a matter of hours after we crossed the pass!

After a bunch of mothering Liam, Sarah konked out! Shortly after that all of them fell asleep! Those two are too cute sometimes. The weather was already looking nasty and it was damn cold! Our trip over was fairly uneventful. I started raining after we got across the pass and started our way down the other side of the mountain into the valley. We had a good time while we were there but I was really ready to come home after our meal. Though, I really did not want to drive home in the dark. Little did we know it was snowing like a mo-fo up there anyways. I like visiting with my in-laws but I can only handle the filth for so long. They just do not clean their house and it drives me stark raving looney! Brody was in rare form as always and he shit himself every chance he could. I thought my husband was going to beat the child! OMG that kid has a nasty ass!

So, the time went fast and we eat so much I think we made ourselves sick. All of us spent a great deal of time in the bathroom the following day. Liam threw up some more and was running a fever. All in all though it was a nice time I guess. Not what I had in mind but it was nice to be with family. The food sucked for the most part but I survived. Next year I am sooooo cooking! LOL. This year was just very stressful with my mom and money was tight. Oh well. On Saturday we were watching the live cam up on the pass and found out they got a couple feet of snow while we were visiting. Oh the joy of driving the pass with packed snow and ice!

It was gorgeous! It was like a winter wonderland. I love driving through the mountains after a serious snow storm. To me, nothing is quite as pretty. Yeah, I know, I am crazy but I friggin' love now! The drive wasn't too bad though. They were saying that chains were required but we decided to make a go of it and we didn't get pulled over. It could have been lots worse. I have been up on the pass many times, alone. We drive a SUV so we do alright. Man I just can't tell you how pretty it was!

My favorite part has always been going through the tunnel. I swear I am 34 and not 5! I am sucha kid at heart! We always honk our horn and scream as long as we can make it. We try to scream all the way through the tunnel. The kids love doing it. Hell, I love doing it! Who am I kidding? If I could have I would have stopped the car and made snow angels! Without chains we couldn't stop because it was a sheet of ice the entire way home. It was like 26 degrees at 2 in the afternoon up there. We couldn't even stop for em to take pictures! I had to take them through the front window or with my head hanging out the window like a complete fawking idiot fool! Oh well, I will do anything to take pictures of the things I love!

The sun was shining and there was a beautiful orange sunset on the shimmering snow at the end of our trip home. You couldn't have asked for anything prettier. I love the weather here in Oregon. I posted two other pictures of our trip on my photo journal. I still have not learned how to add links to my posts so here is the http link .....

Weatherman is calling for snow every day this week but one. OOooOOOOOooo....I love this time of year. I hate driving in the shit but I sure love looking at it. Well, time for dinner and then some hot chocolate for this ol' gal.

Night and I hope everyone had an awesome holiday.


**Made by Nae-Nae**

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Friday, November 25, 2005


Currently, I am posting from Cottage Grove, Oregon. We decided to come down for the holiday. With everything going on with my mother I decided that being around family is just where we needed to be this Thanksgiving.

On to my mother....

My mother's heart doesn't always beat for itself. They found that it was stopping for a good 7-10 seconds at a time. The cardiologist made it extremely clear that had she not come in when she did she would be dead. He made the choice of installing a pacemaker.

At 7:30am (TX time) this morning she pulled through a 2 hour surgery to insert her very own pacemaker. Sheis now sporting some very expensive jumper cables to her heart. I am hoping that this will mean a brand new lease on life for her. I can only hope for the best. There always seems to be a catch though. She will need to be on complete bed rest for a couple of days and then after that she will have to have her left arm in a sling for 3 weeks and is not allowed to drive for 3 weeks. Question is, who will be there to take care of her? Even if I can come up with the money to get there, who will watch my kids and get them to school? We cannot afford for my husband to take off of work and it is already going to be quite a financial feat for me to take more time off from work. The conculsion I arrive at is this.....If I go there will be no Christmas for us and we may not be able to pay our rent. What do I do? My children and my husband (my life) should come first. My mom on the other hand, has spent her life taking care of me and has always put me first. What should I do? She needs me right now. If not me, then who?

I am conflicted and scared.

I need some advice and prayers.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not a good Update

I have another update on my mom. This time I wish I had better news to share with you.

I call again to check on her...the phone kept ringing and ringing. I called the nurses station because I was freaking out. I was told she had been moved down to the intensive care unit and was in stable condition for now. They then transferred me to the ICU station. This is where I got a bit upset and got my panties in a wad. The "nurse" I spoke too was like talking to an AOL rep. I couldn't understand one flipping thing he was saying. Maybe if I spoke in Spanish I would have understood. I was pissed because I wasn't notified.

I had to speak to someone else to find out that after I had talked to her last, her heart stopped beating a couple of times and her blood pressure plummeted. Again, they have no fucking clue about what is wrong with her. NONE. They have her on oxygen and she was awake but they have no phones in the rooms. One of the ladies she works with was there and I told her to tell her how much I love her and that I am so sorry I am not there to hold her hand. Her friend laughed because she said her and my mother had just discussed that she understood why I couldn't come.

I miss her.

What if something happens between now and the morning?

I just don't know what I will ever do without her if she doesn't pull out of this.

If by tomorrow they haven't figured out what is wrong with her but they plan on keeping her, I will beg, steal, do whatever it takes to afford a plane ticket. That includes begging my step-monster for the damn money! I have to get there and be by her side. Just to hold her hand. Something, anything. I HAVE to get there.

Please, I know I have asked, but please please say a prayer for her. Please pray that I somehow find the money to get there.

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I spoke with my mom a short while ago. She is stuck in the hospital over the holiday. No one will be there to share the holiday with her. My heart aches for her. I miss her so much. My mother and I have had quite a temptious relationship over the last 4 years. I realize now that most, if not everything, has been my fault. Funny how much I have grown up in the last 2 days. The thought of losing someone you love has a way of doing that to you.

Image hosted by As I sit here and type I can't help but think about how our last couple of holidays have been so bad together. In fact, they were downright nasty and she vowed to never come back for another Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Image hosted by See, the last time she did come I was drunk by 5. I was sooooo out of my mind with hurt and anger. I lost my boyfriend of 3 years. After almost 2 years he began hitting me and verbally/emotionally abusing me. Our "friends", and I use that term lighty, didn't believe he had hit me. So, they made the choice to continue their friendship with him. I was completely devastated by all of this. The next Thanksgiving and Christmas I still had my head in a bottle. I was drunk by 5 or so everytime. She was there for me. She was there that New Year's Eve when I thought about slitting my wrists. She was there for me when I was face down on the livingroom floor, piss ass drunk crying my eyes out for hours, and she cleaned me up and wiped the tears and snot away. She was there for me thru both custody battles and my divorce. Point is, she was there for me no matter what. I have ruined many of her holidays with my drinking and my bullshit. Now, the dust has settled and I married again and am happy. Now, I sit here and wish we had this holiday together so I could make this one better than any of the rest. I sit here wondering how alone she must feel. The regret is bittersweet. Bittersweet because I am glad I see the error of my ways, bittersweet because this could have been her last holiday, bittersweet because I finally " get it", and bittersweet because I cannot be there with her but I am glad I realize just what I have to be thankful for this year.
I am thankful she is alive today. Two days ago I wasn't even sure that was going to be a possiblity. I am thankful that I finally see it for what it is. I am thankful that I have a mom who is forgiving. Though, I am not even sure I could forgive if I were in her shoes.
We may fight, we may disagree, we may not always like eachother but one thing still remains....we love eachother. She has always been my best friend and she always will be.
That my friends is being thankful. Please remember to always work things out. There is no better time than now. Tomorrow may be too late.
Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.
Image hosted by

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So many thoughts, so little time.

I kind of feel like that fairy over there. My heads up against a wall. Today I feel like banging it over and over. AOL has a way of making me feel that way. A couple dozen complaints? Who are they kidding?

::shaking head::

I must admit I was shocked by that statement. They are worse than I thought. Just reinforces my reasons for coming here.

I have been giving it some thought though. I am going to make my 3 other journals public again with a link to this blog and an open letter to AOL.

I would imagine with the publicity we are starting to get people will begin to snoop around. I want people to see how I really think about the ads and AOl. The more who see it the better. AOL can not hide from this anymore. Publicly they will no longer be able to say that there were only a dozen complaints if everywhere you go there are journals with open letters to AOL in protest. I am pretty sure they will TOS me and I could care less. I have worked hard for over a year now at journaling but they took the fun out of my journals and when I go back to them I feel violated. Wronged.


No word on my mom yet this morning. She had an echocardiagram and half of a stress test yesterday with the rest following today. I will update as soon as I know anything. I wish I was there with her. She is in the hospital all alone. I hate that she is so friggin' stubborn. Stubbornness is going to kill her in the end. She refuses to live with family or her boyfriend. She refuses to leave Texas. Damn that woman! She irritates me to no end! Ahhh, but I love her just the same.

I just tried that Peppermint Mocha creamer from Coffee Mate....yummmmmmy! I am just having my first cup. Poor kids....They never stood a chance this morning.

Anyhoooo, on to the next thing that is rotting my brain today....

Thanksgiving. We can either drive 3 hours and spend $60-70 in gas to go to my father in laws or we can stay here by ourselves. We had no invites with friends or any other family (except my Dad which we all know how that ended up) and I haven't been able to get to the store to get a turkey and the fixin's. There is no way in hell that I am going to take my 5 kids into a busy ass store all by myself! Just not happenin'! NOT! So, I am sure that there will be no stuff left and the turkey will still be frozen so I am thinking a ham maybe? Oh who am I kidding, the bird is what they want. We really can't drive over there because my boys are to be with their Dad's part of the day.

I am conflicted. Surprised?

Well, many many other things on my mind right now but they are going to have to wait for now. I hear mutiny in the, you gotta love em'.

** Update on my mom...

The Dr. has decided to keep her yet another 24 hours. Seems that her heart keeps stopping. He seems to think that when she came in they gave her medicine that was to keep her heart rate up and now they think that very medicine may be the reason her heart keeps stopping. So, another 24 hours with NO insurance. I am at a loss here. This country has GOT to start thinking about medical care for people like me and my mom. I myself, have no insurance. This country has got to wake up. No wonder she is having panic attacks. I guess she had a severe attack last night for over an hour and they refused to give her something to help her because there was no order for anything. Just like Doctors to fuck with you. You depend on them to help you and as usual they are nowhere to be found when you need them. Anywhooo, her tests all came back good. They did show her calcified valve but it appears to be functioning as it should. So, if it isn't the medicine that is causing her heart to stop then we have no clue what is wrong with her. Please continue praying for her. If anything, just pray that she has some peace of mind so she stops worrying herself sick over the money issue. I told her that I would write something to the hospital and see if they don't have some kind of charity for people like her. Anyways, just wanted to update ya'll.**

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lord, why must you test me so....

I am a bit upset right now. As if I needed anymore stress or drama on my plate today. I was trying to be nice and bridge the gap between the refugees of AOL and those "left behind" so to speak. I wanted to keep intact with those who cared and enjoyed my journals. I thought I was doing those who followed me and my crazy life a favor. Not only because I would miss them, because they would miss me, but because I was trying to keep us all together. I guess other people see it differently.

I am hurt and shocked by the reply I got to the email I sent out today to my fellow j-landers with my new links to these journals. Many of you recieved the mail and those who didn't here it is......

Ok I swear AOL better not TOS me again for what they call a mass mail since I BCC'd this to too many people. LOL

I have finally gotten my new photo journal up and running. It is not exactly the way I want it but pretty damn close. I know it's not The Road Less Taken but I hope ya'll like this one just as much. The weather here has been so cold that I haven't gotten out much to take any pictures BUT I will soon.

I have also included my new journal called Serendipity. I hope you will all swing by to say hi.

I miss everyone at AOL Journals so much. I know some people do not understand why I felt compelled to leave but I do hope we can all agree to disagree and move on. Life is too short to fight about petty stuff ( refer to my last entry in my j Serendipity).

Thanks and hope to see you there,

Serendipity Behind These Brown Eyes

Here is a response I got in return.

Hi Djzgirl71:

Thanks for the updates, lovely journals, like the music and the banner photos but what I don't like is that those of you that made the mad exodus to Blog Land can't just "Let a Sleeping Dog Lie." There was no accident, and no injuries. Everyone who was meant to escape before the storm hit evacuated. From what it looks like to me they have found some pretty awesome homes. Moved onto a new art adventure, one more suited for their talents. I've made my list of journals that I intend to visit often, but know what, I've decided if you don't come visit me, then I'm not going to come visit you either.

The mass rush to get the out of Dodge is over. How can you miss AOL when most of you all evacuated and left so many of your friends behind? You moved and the those of us who stayed did so because we just weren't quite ready to throw in our hats and start over again. Hey, look at you girl, a brand new start in journal land. I am sure you will have a big audience. Me I write for me. I post for me. If someone stumbles upon my journal and enjoys it, and want's to e-mail me or leave a comment I am ever so grateful.

Want to visit me again - then come through my front door, it is alway open to you.


Marlene of Purely Poetry

There is only one Presence and one Power, God, the good,omnipotent. In God, we live, move, and have our being. Let us be thankful.

Here is the response I gave back....

You know, honestly, I am not even sure how to respond to this email. The only reason I sent out this was as a courtesy to my friends who have asked that I please forward my links on so that we can still keep in touch. I still visit your journal and I had planned on doing so in the future.

I guess I am taken back by your response and the tone it took on.

I am not angry with anyone for staying on and I would hope that everyone would feel the same about me going.

I am not waking a sleeping dog. I was trying to say to people that no matter what their feelings about all of this, we can get past this. I have left noone behind. I have let everyone that I care about know where I am and where I stand on this. I never whined and complained in my personal journal. I spoke my mind and closed shop. It wasn't until well after the fact that I voiced my opinion on what nasty things were being said about me for leaving.

I am sorry you feel the way you do.

I, for one, was trying to bridge the gap that has been created by inviting people over to my new home and saying hey "let agree to disagree, I respect everyone for their decision to stay or not stay".

You don't ever have to visit my new journals if that is how you feel. Your loss. I don't NEED an audience to write. I don't want an audience to take pictures. If you knew me at all you would know that in my journals I have always said exactly what is on my mind no matter what anyone thinks because I AM writing for myself. If I were concerned in ANY way about an audience I would never moved away from the one I already had!

Again, I am sorry you feel as you do. I do not like the tone your response took on and I am offended and hurt by it. You obviously have no idea why I left AOL. The banners were only a fraction of that problems I have with it. never asked why I left though now did you? Remember, judge lest you be judged.


Now, the only reason I have even posted this is because I am so very upset by this. I know sometimes I over react to stuff and so I just needed to get this all out in the open for my sakes. I may have been wrong in my response and you can feel free to tell me so. I was just so offended and hurt by someone that I have always looked up to for their accomplishments in their photojournal, and that hurt.

Please correct me if I am wrong and had no reason to be upset by this. I have never really cared about an audience. Sheesh, anyone who has read The Main Attraction KNOWS the mouth I have and how much I tell it like it is. Obviously I did it for myself or I would have been afraid of losing my readers and being TOS'd. That statement just burned me. It was like a slap in the face.


** Update: Marlene and I have cleared things up. I over reacted and she said things the wrong way. She apologized as well as I, for being so defensive.**

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An update, a word to the wise, a link to my new photoblog...

Just another huge Thank You for your well wishes. I wanted to post another update. I spoke with my mother this morning. She is still in the hospital awaiting the cardiologist. She was unsure what they were planning on doing when he arrived. She is thinking that they are going to do some more tests on her to find out what is wrong. The information I received from her varied from the info her friend gave me last night. I believe he was trying to ease my mind some. Her blood work and x-rays came back okay. However, her EKG was anything but normal. Her friend has had a heart attack before and he said he would bet on it that she was having a mild heart attack because the test was all over the charts. Very erratic. I suppose they will be doing a stress test today as well as a test that injects dye to see if their is blockage. Who knows though. I will know nothing until she calls me back to let me know what they do and find. I just hope they do all the right tests and know for 100% sure that this is not her heart before they send her home. She lives alone and I shudder at the thought of her having a massive heart attack alone. I hate that she lives 2000 miles away and I am powerless to help her.

I didn't talk about it last night as I was just so damned emotional but man was it scary. When she called I knew right off the bat that there was something wrong. I have been expecting this call for awhile now. I knew she was ill and that her heart was bad. I knew that there was a possibility that she may have to have surgery. I know that we are only on this earth for a little while and the almighty takes you when he is damn good and ready. I just never prepared myself for the conversation I had with her last night while she waited for her ride to the hospital.

I froze up and I tried not to cry because I knew how scared she was that she was going to die. I held back the sobs that were wrenching my chest and held my voice as steady as possible. I tried and I tried not to break down for her sake but all that kept going through my mind was what if she is having a massive heart attack and she dies on the way to the hospital? What if, what I say now will be the last thing she ever hears from me? How will what I have to say in the next 5 seconds EVER be enough to tell her how much I love her and how sad I am that we fought when she was here 2 weeks ago? How will it be enough to express how sorry I am for being such a shitty daughter to her all these years? Can I say I am sorry enough for not sending pictures of the kids, or not sending a birthday card, or for not calling enough, or for fighting with her on my wedding day, for telling her to fuck off one too many times? So much regret so little time to make amends.

I sat alone in my bedroom last night in tears praying that God will not take her, not yet. I have to much to make up for. I prayed that he give her another chance at life. I prayed not now God, not now. I thought about my oldest son and how her and Jake have almost as strong of a bond as he and I share. I thought about how I would tell him that the one person in this world that he trust almost more than me, the one person that he is so crazy about, is gone? It was just too much to deal with. My husband kept telling me that she would be just fine and I knew that in my head but my heart was just so afraid. All the what ifs and the could haves and should haves just tore me down emotionally.

I am scared that some day very soon I will get the call.

I cannot imagine my life without her. I just cannot. I don't want to. Please keep her in your prayers.

If you get anything out of this entry please let it be this....

Life is too short to worry about the petty shit. Let it go. Don't fight with your family, don't say things in anger that you will regret. Fix the hurts of the past and work things out. Sometimes, life passes you by so fast and before you know it, the ones you love will be gone forever and you will have the rest of your life trying to deal with the guilt and shame you feel for letting little things keep you from the ones you love. Life is just too damn short.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com my new photblog

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Monday, November 21, 2005

New Update

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all of your prayers!

They are keeping my mom overnight for observation and having a cardiologist see her in the morning to make damn sure it is not her heart.

Right now they think it possibly could have something to do with her esophogus (sp? spell check didnt know that word)!. A couple years back she had some polyps removed off hers and this time they want to check for cancer of the esophugus.
I have had such an emotional evening.

Tomorrow is going to be a better day, right?

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Well, so far, so good. Evidently her EKG, blood work, and x-rays came back good and at this time they are ruling out a heart problem.

Problem is, they have no idea what is wrong with her.

I will keep you posted as I learn more info.

She is resting but cranky from what I have been told. LOL That's my mom. Always the fighter. I can't imagine where I get my stubbornness from.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.

Keep it up guys, she's not out of the woods yet but I sure am hopeful knowing I have so many people who care that are saying a little prayer.

Ciao for now,

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I need your prayers. I need them right now.

My mom is on her way to the ER. She may behaving a heartattack. She has every sign and she already knows she has a calcified valve in her heart.

I know she will most likely be okay. In any case, please say a prayer.


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Wow, we have some freezing fog here this morning. Brrrrr....good thing I don't have to work this morning! I do not feel like going anywhere today, except back to sleep. LMAO. Brody has been exceptionally good today (so far) and Liam is just drawing his life away. I had planned on going out to take some pictures but man o man it is cold outside. By this weekend it is to start snowing again. Fine by me I guess. I love snow. I mean I reallllly love snow! If it snowed everyday for the rest of winter I would be a happy person. As long as it stopped in time for spring I would be a very happy camper. This town comes alive in the winter. It is a ski resort town so we depend on lots of snow for our economy. Besides, even without the resort it is remarkably beautiful here in the winter. It's like a winter wonderland. One thing I just love about the winter here around the holidays is that when you go downtown, which is very historical, the streets are lined with small aspen trees with strings of white lights on them and they have LARGE speakers lining the buildings that's play Christmas music until the New Years. It is very romantic to walk downtown all bundled up with hats, scarves, and gloves from bar to bar sipping on Hot Totties, Angelico, or Spanish Coffees. I love hot chocolate laced with rumplmintz. YUMMY! I can't wait for our first REAL snowfall here. We have only had about a half an inch on the ground at one time.

Well, now that I have made you cold and curse the snow, (I know most hate the snow) I will leave you with my little picture up there to look at. It looks like snow, it feels like snow, but it is freezing fog.

Hmmmmph, where's my coffee? I am cold just looking outside!

Have a good one.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

It just wasn't gonna happen I tell ya.....

....I wanted to go take some pictures but as usual I sat my fat ass here at the computer reading all the new blogs here at Blog Spot!

So, I did manage to take some shots though not real good, I thought I would share them anyways! It truly was a magnificent day outside today! You just couldn't ask for better November weather.

Brody monster is home and in rare form already. This is going to be a looooooong two weeks. Somehow I will manage to stay sane, I think.

I do love that child but sometimes his issues are just too much to deal with. His own mother cannot handle him so what makes everyone assume that I can? It is purely maddening I assure you. I will make due. I always do.

Anyways, here are my pictures. I sure do miss AOL and how I could resize my shots to a LARGE size. If anyone has a clue as to how to change the size without losing the resolution PLEASE do tell.

Have a good next week, I have no work. Neener neener neener! :0)

Right here in town

My Boo, Liam .

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It's Sunday and I am about to go for a "Sunday" drive...

The weather today is freaking brilliant! Two weeks ago there was snow! >>>>see?
Today I must embark on my bi-weekly journey to the mountain pass to pick up my step son. Usually, I feel almost angry about having to make that drive. Afterall, it takes 3 hours out of my day and in the snow it can take 4-5 hours. Today however, I am relatively tickled at the thought of soaking in the sun and driving up to take some pictures. Typically we are in a hurry and we do not have the time to stop so today.....I will make the time and I will take the road less taken.

We had a visitor to our new abode last night. My sister-in-law drove over the mountain to come and see our new place and escape her failing marriage. I didn't ask her any questions about anything. I figure, since we don't know eachother well, it is none of my business. Had she wanted to talk about it I am sure she would have shared the details. I have gotten bits and pieces of what has taken place but I just want her to feel comfortable with me. I know she is hurting right now and I just want her to be okay. My husband feels the same and we both are terribly worried about her. Her and I went shopping yesterday and we went to a local bar and grill for lunch and beer. She was so animated about having a beer at noon. I found it to be extremely humorous! "Girl, where I come from noon is the perfect time to start the libations"!
She on the other hand, kept asking if that was okay! HE HE. Sheesh, as a child I spent a great many Saturdays at the tavern with my parents drinking shirley temples and watching football, hockey, and baseball. I was raised right outside of St. Louis and let me tell you....My family is as redneck as all get out! I was raised with a jukebox! So, anyways, we had lunch and I did something very unusual for me....I spent some money on myself. I bought some very much needed jeans and a fleece pullover in pink and a new purse/wallet since mine was stolen! After all that we went and got my hubby and took him to Wal-Mart for some clothes for him. He will never listen to me that he dresses like a bum and that wrinkled shirts are a TURNOFF! His sister took pity on me and she made him buy something nice and pants that were baggy! LOL. I even managed to get him out of those ratty Nike's he has overly abused in the last year and a half! OH THANK YOU sis-in-law of mine. He looked good enough to eat I tell ya! Then she informed him, as I always do, that women love cologne and he MUST wear some! Sheesh, maybe she should live here! LOL. We left there and went out for food and more beer. The Oregon State/University of Oregon Civil War game was yesterday so we watched from home and at the bar. The crowd was crazy earlier on I hear. UofO handed Osu their ass! OMG it was the ultimate smack down!! We are huge UofO fans so I must admit we needed to celebrate! It was something like 54-14. We ate and then we went to the topless bar because my best friends man works there so we were to go there, see him, and then go to the Grove to dance. Well, there was a famous porn star there..OMG it was an interesting night. After that I was bored and wanted to go home and sleep. My margarita there was $6.50 and it was like a 4 ounce glass! Yeah, I was ready to go to the good olf fashioned tavern and tie one on there instead. Oh well I am getting painfully older than dirt so I was tired, what can I say? Sucks. Here is a shot of my hub and his baby sister.....
They were being rather..umm..goofy! Here are some other shots from our evening. The one of us turned out horribly. What, me with my double chin and him with the no smile! What a pair we are. We both take bad pictures. The other pic is a pic of him that I really love. He is so handsome. him to pieces. What's not to love? I love his green eyes! Anyhoooooo, I must get ready for my drive to the pass. I do hope that today finds you as happy as I am today. Even if I am going to pick up the monster boy! LOL


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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I had a fairly decent day today. Worked long and hard and then spent 3 hours at the social security office and the DMV getting my "identity" back! We took all the kids to their other parents houses and we had an unexpected visitor show up from Cottage Grove. My husband's younger sister came to visit for the weekend. You know what that means ehhhhh? Stacy gonna party this weekend. She said the drinks are on her! Uh hello.....I am soooooo there! LOL. Right now things are relatively "calm" here. That will change soon enough with Brody coming back Sunday. I do not feel like spending the holidays with family this year so we are cooking up the grub here. Fine by me, family can be such a drag sometimes anyway. I love cooking and my kids love my cooking so it's all good.

I have high hopes for this weekend. It has been beautiful here and I really want to get out and take some pictures while the sun sticks around. The mountains are covered in snow and the ski resort has already opened it's lifts! Hopefully I will have some pics to share with you soon. You know me I hate to go long without sharing my pictures.

I have a lot of work to do this weekend trying to get things moved over here from ASSOHELL. I also have my work cut out with bloglines to have alerts to all my fav journals.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend.

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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Dawn of a new day.
This is the view outside my bedroom window. This is what I see every morning as I awake. Today is a new day and though it has started out looking beautiful, I must say that I am saddened by the new events in J-Land. Jimmy ( Stupid) has quit his journal. Someone has been harrassing him. The ignorance of certain people never fails to surprise me. It is a sad day indeed.
I hope when the sun comes all the way up I can find some peace of mind today.
I hope all of you find the same.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ahhhh what a day! I am whooped. Dinner was a feat as always. I must openly admit just how much I love some of the quirks blogger has! Loading pictures is a freakin' snap! The only thing I truly truly miss is music in my journal and having an about me section that I actually know how to use. I have absolutely no idea how to change the look of my journal anymore. But, as always, I will just have to learn all over again.

Kids are being turds right now. When aren't they? LMAO.

I love this picture of Liam. He was playing out in the snow! I am thinking about making another journal on here just for my photography.

What do you think?

I will never go back to AOL.

I do miss The Road Less Taken. A lot.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OOOOooo I am mad!

After I spent umpteen minutes on the phone with the dumbasses over there at AOL, I finally was able to get into my mail box and start saving my addresses and writing down my web addresses for my favorites. Once I finish all that I am gone. There was a time before today that I thought about staying but now I am too pissed at AOL and at certain journalers to EVER want to stay.

So, far I have been critisized, told that I am only leaving because I can't think for myself and am just following the Vivi Award people, that I am a bitch, that I am stupid and on and on and on.
Well ya know what? SCREW ALL OF YOU who say this shit! Do you think I cannot think for myself? Screw off stupid bitches! I am leaving for so many reasons it aint even funny.
OMG you have to sign in to comment in my journal? Oh what you too lazy for that too? Well, I see how much my friendship means to my so called friends!

All I keep hearing about is how we all got our panties in a wad blah blah blah and how you are so tired of hearing how stupid we are and how much we are whiners! Well ya know what I hear from you? OOO baby ooo baby I like it when you do me in the ass when you bend me over like that...yeah AOL you're so good to me when you do me the way you do and if I weren't so lazy I would thank you for screwing me blah blah blah...

How you like them apples?

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Reason # 9million to leave AOL

I just got my account suspended on AOHELL for mass mailings! OMG what a crock of SHIT! I mailed all my buddies, say about 100 of them, so they disabled my account? OMG and you wonder WHY I am leaving?

Get a clue people!

For the love of God, why are people staying and putting up with that BS?


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Isn't strange waking up in a new place?

Wow, ever notice when you move and wake up in your new place the first time, it feels calm and exciting? Well, thats how I feel this morning! I feel good having taken down that sign on my forehead that read "I am for sale Just ask AOL". I always thought I could never walk away from AOL Journals. Well, I just did. AM I going to miss it, YES! Will people lose track of me? Yes! Will I lose almost all of my regular readers? YES. Do I regret that? NO. The Main Attraction will live on here. The Road Less Taken is still being taken. Maybe just a little less now but hey, I'm alright with that. What I do, I do for myself so no matter who follows, I will still take my pictures and I will still spend 90% of my life whining and bitching about my 5 kids and hubby. So, get over it!

This journal will be the same as the other one...just nicer looking if you ask me.

Ahhhh, it sure is nice here. ::: I keep telling myself that:::

It is what I make of it.
Today is another day and those who don't follow me...well thems all bitches anyways!

Ta Ta Darlings,

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome to my new digs!

Pull up a seat people. I plan on being here for quite awhile. AOL has disgraced itself once again.

I, for one, have had enough.

So long suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad my AOL journal friends are kind enough to follow me whereever I go.

Thanks guys!


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